An Exclusive Look at's Q4 Sales ReportBy James Iles, Thursday at 1:21 PM
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New is one of the largest domain name escrow providers and an extremely popular service among Chinese buyers, handling over 100,000,000 CNY (over $15 million) in sales in the first three quarters of 2015.

Below, we take a look at the statistics that have been released by for Q4 of 2015, covering October, November, and December.

In total, handled 427 transactions during fourth quarter of 2015 with monthly average totals well into the seven-figure range, with a slight dip in December. say that this is due to the Christmas period, as most transactions that use are "cross border" - in other words, between Chinese buyers and Western sellers.

The most popular domain names acquired using during Q4 were and domains, with the highest sale being recorded at $183,888. In total, there were 21 domain sales in Q4 at, with the average sales price rising to almost $70,000 in November 2015. Just two months before, the average price was less than $40,000.


The price of 4N .COM domain names continued to rise, with an average sales price of $36,000 being recorded in November. There are no statistics for December as no 4N .COM sales were processed at during that period. also released their Top 10 domain name sales of the quarter, and whilst the names cannot be revealed publicly due to potential non-disclosure agreements, I am able to reveal statistics surrounding the names.'s Top 10 of Q4:

Three 3N .com domain names, with an average sales price of $449,539
One 4N .com domain name sold for $183,888
One domain name sold for $105,000
Five 3L .com domain names, with an average sales price of $91,000

The average sales price for all transactions over Q4 was $15,549. This is up from a figure of $9,065.84 in Q3. The transactions consisted of the following TLDs:

61.68% were .COM
12.75% were .INFO
8.61% were .NET
6.16% were .XYZ
4.21% were .BIZ
Extensions such as .CLUB, .TV, .CO, .CC, .CN, .US, .GG and .WORLD made up the rest of Q4's transactions

Thanks to's staff for providing this very useful information. I find it very interesting to see the various trends and sales prices directly from a very active and important company in the Chinese domain market. I hope you find these statistics as useful as I do.      

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